Credit Rating Inquiry

The credit rating

It also shows your commercial reputation, is a score table that has been formed as a result of your previous studies with banks. The credit rating reflecting the results of the purchase of products from banks and the payment of debt can be queried via ACC Bank.

If you want to apply for ACC Bank’s loan products to meet your needs without having a cash problem or to evaluate loan campaigns with interest rates appropriate to your budget, you can query your credit score using the following methods.

Moreover, you do not need to pass a certain time or register anywhere. You can have your credit rating questioned at ACC Bank at any time…

Learning Credit Rating Through ACC


When you want to take out a loan from a bank, the bank will first learn through your KKB and check your eligibility for the loan. You can use all ACC Bank branches to access this note, also called a credit score.

To do so, you can go to the nearest ACC branch with your ID and tell the customer representative that you would like to receive your credit rating. The Representative will use the data of the Credit Registration Bureau to communicate your credit score based on your previous banking transactions.

There may be consumers who wish to obtain a credit rating from the ACC Bank mobile branch. However, it is not possible to query your current rating with ACC Mobile Banking application. This is because the bank’s mobile application allows you to perform only accounts and card transactions, bill payment, investment transactions, money transfers and mobile secure key transactions.

Learn the credit rating via SMS

Learn the credit rating via SMS

In addition, unfortunately for those who want to learn the credit rating via SMS, this process can not be done via message. You can only query the points accumulated on your credit card by using SMS feature of your Good Cell line device or you can learn the current and last statement debt information about your floor.

Consumers who want to learn the ACC Bank credit rating cannot perform this transaction through internet banking or internet branch. The facilities provided by the Bank to those who want to learn the credit score are limited to the branches.

However, people who would like to learn the credit rating from the internet branch can follow our site and view updates about this transaction. Because when the bank purchases a new service or product for questioning the credit rating, we will update this page and make an announcement to you…

The credit score will be updated as soon as possible in the following fields.

  • Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking
  • Learning Credit Rating by SMS
  • Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch

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