Lost Card or Stolen Credit Card – What To Do?



Having a lost or stolen card can be a big problem? Of course! Every day, many consumers report lost, stolen, or stolen credit cards. When a credit card is lost or stolen, your cardholder needs to inform his manager and make a BO at the nearest police station.

By performing this simple procedure, chances are you will be exempt from liability for transactions that you did not do, that is, undue. Let the simple tips of what to do when your card or credit cards are lost or stolen. Let’s also understand why you should report the theft immediately. What to do when your credit card is gone or stolen?

First: Contact your card administrator as soon as you are sure that your card has been subtracted or lost. This is not enough, go to a nearby police station or go to your state police website and make a report of the occurrence, then send it to the card administrator if you ask for it.

Most credit card companies have toll-free numbers with representatives in their telemarktings or call centers with live people to receive your report and take all necessary steps like canceling or blocking the credit card in question.

Secondly: when possible send a fax, e-mail or a letter with the protocol of service of your call to the company of the credit card. Do not forget to keep a copy as proof that you requested the cancellation at a certain date and time.

Thirdly , following all the previous procedure, begin to track the statements of stolen or lost cards , this is a mandatory action, note any undue transactions that happen to appear on your invoices – the ones you did not do. Report all questionable transactions to your credit card company whenever they are posted.

Although it sounds like an annoying procedure, in addition to filing by phone, always send a fax, email or letter to the correct addresses, informing invoice errors. Again, keep copies for yourself.

Fourthly : it is not our custom, but some people usually hire credit protection insurance or insurance against theft and loss of cards, in some cases, residential insurance covers all types of losses, including those of cards, check to see if your Claim policy will cover any charges arising from order or stolen card.


Report lost or stolen card?

Report lost or stolen card?


Once your lost or stolen credit card is reported to the bank or administrator, thereafter the holder or added shall not be liable for any unauthorized transactions. However, if you fail to report that you have lost or your card has been stolen, it means that you will have to bear all the charges and costs until you report what happened.

Let’s look at the example: if you report two or three days after your card was stolen, you would hardly have escaped being responsible for the purchase costs if within two days there are purchases within your credit limit. It is worth remembering that this period differs in different situations.

If you have insurance as we said before, check the deadlines allowed to report lost or stolen card , each administrator has its own policies and different, but very similar between them, then, nothing better to hire a credit card, you know this information to be caught by surprise, with laws and rules on responsibilities over charges.

Misfortunes can occur, and protecting oneself from them is easy, especially with loss, loss, or theft of credit cards. When you suspect that one or more cards have been lost or stolen, or if you notice any unusual expense on the invoice, inform your bank or administrator immediately to protect your money.


Paying Credit Card Debt – Tips for Getting Out of Debt!


Pay off card debt .. Do you feel like you are stuck in a routine that you can not get for credit card debt ? Every time you plan to pay off the debt, you unfortunately end up using the credit card again and thus result in more debt yet? Well, know that you’re not the only one, so do not let guilt take away your peace.

Read carefully the tips we will provide and put them into practice (no cheating), you can get out of credit card debt. That’s right, you can! It will be a bit difficult at first, but everything is for your own good. So, here are some tips to stop credit card debt .

Decrease all your daily debts


Sounds simple, right? It sounds easy too, however it’s easier said than done and many can get back on track again. So what do you ask?
First : Understand your finances clearly.
Second : write down all your debts to know exactly how much you owe.
Tip : If you mess with computers or know someone, make these notes on an Excel page.

While the numbers were just in his mind, they did not look so monstrous, but as soon as they were out of his head and into the roles, they might seem more frightening. However, do not worry, because you have successfully passed the first step.


Control incoming and outgoing incomes


Control incoming and outgoing incomes

As repetitive as it may sound, the most important of all is to understand how the flow of all your money works and how it is spent. So we advise you to also make a detailed list of these items.
Even if your income is restricted only to your monthly salary, or if there are other sources of income, such as rental income, a small business, among others, list it with as much detail as possible. Also write down all your fixed expenses such as online loans, vehicle financing, groceries, water, electricity, etc.

If your expenses are greater than your income, you will surely head for the financial destination. If not, then there is hope, very much indeed. Start by monitoring your expenses and try to save on every little thing you can, be it your lunch money, or taxi money, or even groceries.


Make a payment plan to clear your debt


Make a payment plan to clear your debt


Now that you have all your earnings and expenses listed, it’s time to set financial goals. Positives. But they should be realistic. You can start by fixing expiration dates for each of your credit cards. You can try clearing the debt of one card in 6 months and the second card within one year and so on.

So how do you do that? Well, list all your credit cards from one with the highest interest rate. You can start repaying your debt by paying the highest interest rate credit card fees , or those with the highest outstanding balance. If you start with the first, you will repay your debt more quickly.


Make sure you’re on the right path


Make sure you

Planning is important in order to pay off card debt without stress but not just just this, you should also implement it and keep a record. If you’re a little out of line, fine. However, make sure you readjust your goals accordingly. If you are reaching your financial goal of clearing your credit card debt as planned, then you are certainly on the right track.

Trade expensive debt for a cheaper one

Trade expensive debt for a cheaper one

Although economists and consultants keep saying that debt is debt, it’s no use, if you do not have enough money, you have to make a loan to pay off credit card debt, especially if the loans are cheaper than those charged on the card’s bill.


Alternatives to Paying Off Credit Card Debt


Alternatives to Paying Off Credit Card Debt


You can find online lending platforms that offer Crowdfunding, loans and Collective Financing and Peer to Peer Lending with interest rates of 5 to 10 times cheaper than the interest of the card. In addition to these alternatives you can get a payroll loan from your company or with a relative or friend.


5 companies for granting personal credit 100% virtual



Getting a credit grant on the internet with ease is possible even on account of the technology that is advancing more and more. Today, accessing some financial sites you can simulate the financing, make the credit application and often send all the documents for analysis, having the answer in a few minutes without even leaving the house. All this quickly, online and securely.


5 companies for granting personal credit 100% virtual

5 companies for granting personal credit 100% virtual




The granting of credit is indispensable for those who are seeking to settle debts or even make an investment. Regardless of your goal, today there are countless financiers who carry out the online simulation service and do the entire credit clearance procedure via internet and we separate here 5 companies that can give you the grant of credit in minutes

1. Just



Just Online may be one of the largest online credit platforms today. The promise of the bank is to always seek the lowest rate for the customer who is seeking credit. The loan amount ranges from R $ 2 thousand to R $ 35 thousand and interest can vary from 2% to 8%.


2. Credits


2. Credits


Creditas is another online platform for you to get credit. The rate varies from 1.15% to 1.49% and it becomes so attractive for just looking for a good as collateral for the loan. The minimum loan amount is R $ 5 thousand for those who have cars and R $ 30 thousand for those who have real estate.

3. Legendary

3. Legendary


Lendico is also an option for those seeking credit. The loan can be made from R $ 1 thousand to R $ 50 thousand and be paid in 6, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months. The whole process is online!

4. Geru


Geru is also among the online financials that you can apply for online credit. With them, you can get a credit that varies from $ 2,000 to $ 35,000 and interest ranges from 1.5% and may reach 5%.

Among the companies that we mentioned, Geru is the one that takes the most time to credit the value in the client’s account, which takes about 10 days after approval.

5. Simplic

5. Simplic


Simplic can also make a credit grant for you. The monthly interest rate is around 14.9% and the maximum loan amount is up to R $ 2,500 thousand. This interest rate is among the highest among these 5 online credit companies.

The site is simple and offers the simulator. The credit release is only for current account clients of Bradesco, Caixa, Itaú and Santander. The payout can be made from 3,6,9 or 12 times.

How to get personal credit online?

How to get personal credit online?


To get the credit grant online you need to gather some personal information to first go through an analysis. Below are some required documents that are usually requested by the financials to have all the details of the customer who is seeking the credit.

  • RG
  • CPF
  • Address
  • Profession
  • Income

Property or automobile to obtain credit grant online

Property or automobile to obtain credit grant online



If you want to increase your chances of granting credit, bet on financials that open up the possibility for you to provide loan collateral through real estate or automobile. If you have any such good, you will certainly be able to significantly increase your chance of getting the loan.

Some information will also be necessary for the credit analysis considering the guarantee, be it car or house. For example, if you choose to give a vehicle as collateral, you must fill out information such as year of manufacture of the car, model, whether it is funded or not.

Is it safe to apply for personal loan online?


The granting of online credit can occur safely yes. The main care the client should have when making the request is to check where he is doing the analysis of financing. Personal information must be well protected, and financial sites are usually secure, have digital certificates and programs to protect information from anyone seeking credit online.

Remember that credit analysis is critical to the company’s relationship with the consumer. The information provided helps the company to analyze the risk of default and also to improve the interest rates of the loan.

So, check out the website of the company where you are looking for credit online, read the information well and agree only after being aware of interest and payment terms.


Card With Bad Credit, Can I Request A Negative Name!?



Can I request a card with bad credit even if I have the name denied? Having bad credit, dirty name or being negative does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to get a credit card without consulting or borrowing, but it can make your life even harder because of the debt.

Often times, having a bad credit history on the square means that you may or may not be accepted by credit companies, however it will be approved with a higher interest rate than those with clean name and credit score from good to excellent . Except for the paycheck-deductible loan that is worth it and the paycheck-deductible credit card that has low interest rates.

Apply for bad credit card

So if you apply for a negative credit card for example at this time, it will all depend on your individual circumstances, the lender that you requested the card with bad credit, and the mode of the card, for example: prepaid, digital card or traditional card.

But before exploring your options, it is important to understand why your credit history causes embarrassment, gets you out of the traditional credit system, and you will always have higher interest rates than people with a clean name and good score. By being aware of where you are positioned, you avoid harming yourself further. 

Think Before Applying for a Credit Card

Think Before Applying for a Credit Card

First step – if you have not already done so – check your credit history. After all, this is what lenders want to see if your name is clean, your score and if you are good payer, after all, if you take care of and protect your credit information, you will not have problems when signing up to request any kind of loan or financing.

You can do this by registering free credit checking services – SPC Brazil, Boa Vista (SCPC) and Serasa Experian.


Credit Card X Bad Credit and Negative


Credit Card X Bad Credit and Negative

In Brazil the credit history does not yet have the relevance that is given as in the US, but it is a matter of time until this system of qualification works the way it should be. However, lenders will pay close attention to negative inscriptions, such as lost (defaulted) payments that will be visible in your credit history for five years.

However, if you are confident that you can make your monthly repayments without fail – perhaps your financial scenario has changed and you want to clear your name and return to having credit – a card can be a handy way to begin to fix it.

Similarly, if you do not have a credit history because you have never borrowed from any bank or financial institution, using a bank credit card can help you create and increase your score and history with responsibility. start increasing your credit score.


What to consider when applying for a credit card


What to consider when applying for a credit card

To avoid having to face financial difficulties, it is important for you to know how much leftover money you have to use every month before applying for a credit card. This way, you can be sure that you can pay the monthly invoices without compromising the rest of the finances.

If you have room in your budget to pay for credit card expenses, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

A good way to start your search is to check your eligibility before applying for a card. Remember, every time you try to apply for a credit card , regardless of whether you are approved or rejected, the system records the inquiries of the creditors and this impairs the analysis of other financial services.

If you have bad credit (negative name), you may be refused by some card administrators. However, the criteria of each creditor are different, so not all will take that into account, it is possible to find credit card without consulting the SPC and Serasa for negatives.

If you have dirty name, nor need to despair, the credit market has dozens of solutions to release card with bad credit to negative , meaning that it has restriction. Access the search tools that find these opportunities.

Apply For Credit Card with Benefits and Benefits

Apply for a credit card to make your financial and economic life easier at first, that is the goal. Everyone wants to have a credit card nowadays, but of course, with the ease of paying and acquiring services and products is so great, that no one wants to be left out. To apply for credit card and use it on a day-to-day basis, you first need to establish some purchase and other financial resource goals.

Why, of course, it’s no good if you have a $ 10,000 limit card if you do not have the money to pay the bill when you get home or email. So understanding the use of the card and the responsibilities of the purchases that will be made will not cause problems for the future of finances.

In addition to the objectives, the resources still remain, when applying for a credit card and having it approved, understand that it will generate expenses from the beginning, in addition to annuity fees, it also has the death hour taxes on international operations and financing , if you spin the invoice payments.

Usually every Brazilian citizen residing in your country can request as many credit cards as you want, as long as you have a clean name and a proven income. However, there are limitations of limits for the credit released, including, some cards is unlimited pre-established.

Age Limit to Apply for a Credit Card : Normally, to apply for a credit card you must be over 18 years old. As for the maximum age, it diverges from administrators and banks, but is around 75 years.

In some cards there is a limit for purchases, for withdrawals and for numbers of parcels to be financed, for example, when buying a product in installments, the limit is 8x, while other flags are 12x and so on. In general, the bearer does not have many problems, since the limit of purchases is established to the limit of the card, based on its income and constant use.

In addition to the traditional credit cards in their handling, we have also seen the large growth of prepaid cards, created by banks, financiers and credit administrators. In this case, minors under 18 can have them without problems given the legal authorization of the parents. In almost all cases of prepaid credit cards, and the age limit is from 14 to 18 years and beyond.

Request credit card

Request credit card

Bank Credit Card : Today, every banking or credit institution has a huge range of cards, cater for all types of customer profile and income. If you decide to apply for a credit card by the bank , it will certainly be attached with your checking account, on the one hand it is good, since the debits are automatic and do not require the submission of extra documentation.

After the request for “registration or online form” or via Internet Banking, the financial institution will send to the holder in his residence, the PIN (password) and later the plastic to be activated. The PIN (password) is the security code for online access and for completion of purchasing operations.

Prepaid credit cards: A prepaid credit card is a requested purchase instrument without the need to have a bank account. How do I request a prepaid card? The procedure is similar to traditional credit cards, however: without age limits, you must have Brazilian citizenship, present common documents and do not need to check income tax detail.

Ideally you should “apply for your credit card” or prepaid according to your financial needs and usage.