Lost Card or Stolen Credit Card – What To Do?



Having a lost or stolen card can be a big problem? Of course! Every day, many consumers report lost, stolen, or stolen credit cards. When a credit card is lost or stolen, your cardholder needs to inform his manager and make a BO at the nearest police station.

By performing this simple procedure, chances are you will be exempt from liability for transactions that you did not do, that is, undue. Let the simple tips of what to do when your card or credit cards are lost or stolen. Let’s also understand why you should report the theft immediately. What to do when your credit card is gone or stolen?

First: Contact your card administrator as soon as you are sure that your card has been subtracted or lost. This is not enough, go to a nearby police station or go to your state police website and make a report of the occurrence, then send it to the card administrator if you ask for it.

Most credit card companies have toll-free numbers with representatives in their telemarktings or call centers with live people to receive your report and take all necessary steps like canceling or blocking the credit card in question.

Secondly: when possible send a fax, e-mail or a letter with the protocol of service of your call to the company of the credit card. Do not forget to keep a copy as proof that you requested the cancellation at a certain date and time.

Thirdly , following all the previous procedure, begin to track the statements of stolen or lost cards , this is a mandatory action, note any undue transactions that happen to appear on your invoices – the ones you did not do. Report all questionable transactions to your credit card company whenever they are posted.

Although it sounds like an annoying procedure, in addition to filing by phone, always send a fax, email or letter to the correct addresses, informing invoice errors. Again, keep copies for yourself.

Fourthly : it is not our custom, but some people usually hire credit protection insurance or insurance against theft and loss of cards, in some cases, residential insurance covers all types of losses, including those of cards, check to see if your Claim policy will cover any charges arising from order or stolen card.


Report lost or stolen card?

Report lost or stolen card?


Once your lost or stolen credit card is reported to the bank or administrator, thereafter the holder or added shall not be liable for any unauthorized transactions. However, if you fail to report that you have lost or your card has been stolen, it means that you will have to bear all the charges and costs until you report what happened.

Let’s look at the example: if you report two or three days after your card was stolen, you would hardly have escaped being responsible for the purchase costs if within two days there are purchases within your credit limit. It is worth remembering that this period differs in different situations.

If you have insurance as we said before, check the deadlines allowed to report lost or stolen card , each administrator has its own policies and different, but very similar between them, then, nothing better to hire a credit card, you know this information to be caught by surprise, with laws and rules on responsibilities over charges.

Misfortunes can occur, and protecting oneself from them is easy, especially with loss, loss, or theft of credit cards. When you suspect that one or more cards have been lost or stolen, or if you notice any unusual expense on the invoice, inform your bank or administrator immediately to protect your money.


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