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Payday loan direct lenders only -Find great quick online loans direct lender

Find great quick online loans direct lender

What are fast loans online?

Did you come up with an unexpected? Do you need money right now?

If so, your best option is undoubtedly quick online loans direct lender (GAD Capital).

With fast and secure online loans you can have a certain amount of money with reasonable interests.

Fast online loans are a type of financial product whose main feature is the rapid availability of money.

These loans can be offered by both banks and private lenders, although their conditions and characteristics differ between them.

First, there are quick loans granted by banks, which are requested online, on the website of the bank itself.

For these types of loans, which reach up to $ 5,000, you must present documentation such as proof of income, your ID, recent invoices in your name, and a bank statement in case it is not the bank where you have your account.

The money would take 24 to 72 hours and can be returned in a period of several months to a few years, depending on the amount requested.

As you can see, the fast loans offered by traditional banks are agile compared to other loans offered by conventional banks, but if you really need money anymore, they do not represent a good option.

As for the fast loans offered by private entities, their conditions and requirements vary greatly.

The most famous products are fast mini loans, which offer amounts of up to $ 750, and a repayment period of 30 days.

For these fast credits, it is not necessary to present documentation, since they are approved only with a DNI, being able to have the money available in 15 minutes.

The only thing you should do, as with the loans offered by conventional banks, is to complete an online form with your information and wait for the contract to arrive by e-mail.

3 steps to request fast credits

3 steps to request fast credits

Here are the 3 steps you have to follow to request your fast credit.

  1. Look at the updated Bankate list and compare fast credits

    Compare the details of each loan and credit as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  2. Click on “View loan” and start the application process

    By being redirected to the website of the lender, you can fill in the application process with your personal and financial data.

  3. Acceptance of the loan, signing of the contract and receipt of the money

    Upon approval, you will receive the contract in your email. Sign it if you agree and once it is forwarded, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

Frequently asked questions about fast loans

How to get fast loans?

If you need money urgently, in our updated list you will find lenders that offer the possibility of obtaining loans online quickly.

How do fast loans work?

When making the request, you will know in a short time if it is approved. You will receive the money at most within 48 hours, but it is usually almost instantly. Also, they don’t require much paperwork.

Is it possible to get fast loans while in credit institutions?

If you are registered in the list of defaulters you can get fast loans since the entities offer this modality since the amount of money is not very high.

Should you mention the purpose of the quick loan?

The truth is that it is not necessary to indicate the purpose of the loan. This type of financing, not offering large amounts of money, does not require so much information.

Is Bankate a reliable comparator to find fast online loans?

Is Bankate a reliable comparator to find fast online loans?

Bankate is a fast loan comparator with great experience in the Spanish financial market.

Our main objective is to bring the credit market closer to our users in a simple and transparent way, facilitating the task of comparing fast online credits that a loan application entails. We also offer very competitive loans with credit institutions.

We believe that we should not only reflect the good, but also the negative aspects. That is why we detail the disadvantages of each quick loan, including, for example, if there are hidden expenses or charge additional fees for certain services.

Bankate is a registered company that complies with strict privacy policies and relevant regulations, so it is totally safe to use our service.

You can learn more about how our service works and how to apply for a loan later on this page, or by visiting how Bankate works.

How does the expansion of fast online loans come about?

The online loan sector in Spain is changing rapidly to adapt to the new needs demanded by consumers, such as, for example, the immediate response after a loan application.

Until a couple of years ago, the Spanish credit sector did not offer a wide variety of opportunities to obtain fast money. However, emerging online loan companies have seen their market opportunities in this area.

In this way, it is now extremely common to apply for a loan online and dispose of the money on the same day.

Traditional personal loans, that is, those requested and granted by the banks of a lifetime, are no longer the only possible alternative to consumer finance and this is, without a doubt, pleasant news.

Thus, people who need an urgent amount of money can dispose of it in just a few minutes, without having to go through the demanding requirements of traditional banking.

Advantages of fast online credits

Advantages of fast online credits

Online loans have become particularly popular since they do not require the same bureaucratic requirements that the request for a personal loan by a traditional bank normally implies.

Its advantages are numerous, especially for users with a pressing need for money:

  • No need to make long lines or endless waiting by the phone
  • Online application, without submitting any document
  • The requirements to apply for a loan online are minimal
  • Immediate response on the approval of your request
  • You can have your urgent money today

The alternative to bank loans are quick loans to repay in months

If we adhere to the usual procedure that conventional banking entities follow for the approval or denial of loan applications, we can observe that, in their opinion, not everyone should have access to financing.

That is why, to facilitate the procedure of a traditional bank, and as an alternative to the bureaucracy required in the application of a credit by a conventional bank, online financing entities arise, which offer fast online loans without paperwork and return in months, as a real and comfortable alternative to bank loans.

Online loans avoid the strict demands of traditional banks, thus facilitating any person to obtain a quick loan without the requirement of guarantees, payrolls or study of files and in an incredibly simple way.

Thus, it is currently possible to approve mini loans only with DNI.

This makes fast online loans an alternative for all users who have not been able to obtain financing by other means, due to being unemployed or not having enough documents.

Of course, the extreme rapidity of granting a quick loan will make your interests higher than those of a common loan, however, as the Spanish Association of Micro Loans recommends, these products are intended for timely and urgent use and never as regular financing (see recommendation).

How do I choose the perfect fast credit?

Surely your main question now is: among all the offers on the market, how do I choose the perfect loan for me?

From Bankate, we would love to help you.

Bankate is a loan comparator that allows you to know the online loan offer available in the market at all times and in an updated way so that you can choose the loan that best suits your needs.

Bankate offers you a list of the best personal loans and online credits in the market, detailing your interests, conditions, and fees.

Thanks to the service offered by Bankate, it is no longer necessary to conduct a thorough search on your own to find out what loans online financing companies offer and under what conditions. We do everything for you.

In this way, you will avoid investing your time and effort in finding out what types of loans exist in the market, which banks grant them, at what type of interest and under what conditions, etc.

Not only will you save precious time, but you can easily compare the results to always choose the loan that suits you best.

In addition, from Bankate we have proposed to help our users to understand in a simple way the financial market, so we have created an illustrative guide to financial products.

How do I apply for a fast and secure loan with Bankate?

Bankate is not a credit institution, so we cannot grant you a loan. However, we can help you find the best loan in the market, and the most profitable depending on your situation.

If you are looking for a fast online loan, use our list to compare your conditions and interests. We also tell you what is the estimated time in which you will be admitted!

Using Bankate, you can check the advantages and disadvantages of each loan, so you will not be surprised at the time of the application.

When you have found your perfect loan, click on the green ‘apply now’ button. Fill in the form with your personal data and send it. It’s that easy!

How long does it take to receive my money with a fast online credit?

The main reason for requesting a quick loan is usually to solve an unexpected expense. In this case, it is extremely important to know how much time you can dispose of your money.

Typically, traditional banks often request that the interested party meet an infinite number of requirements and submit a long list of documentation and supporting documents in order for their loan to be granted.

This is why traditional banks do not represent a real option when applying for money urgently.

However, fast online loans granted by private banks operate based on an intelligent analysis system that evaluates your loan application in a matter of seconds.

The automatic verification system will be responsible for authenticating your identity and assessing your financial capacity and credit history to ensure that you can meet the loan.

In this way, online financial institutions can reduce the requirements when granting their loans, so it will be much easier to obtain financing and you can also completely forget about the paperwork involved in applying for loans in a conventional bank.

The more or less rapidity with which you will receive your money will depend on the financial institution to which you request your fast loan. 

Generally, online financial institutions can now deposit the money in your bank account in approximately 15 minutes.

However, it may take time for your money to be available in your account in a maximum of 24 hours depending on the bank you are a customer of.

Always keep in mind that the fewer the requirements and requirements for the granting of your loan, the greater the interest you will have to pay for your loan since financial institutions assume a greater risk of default by not requesting you any proof of solvency.

When will I know if my fast loan has been approved?

One of the most innovative financial products in the current credit market is online loans with an immediate response.

In these cases, the loan application is evaluated by a computerized automatic verification system, which will assess the applicant’s situation and issue a response instantly, in just 30 seconds.

In this way, the applicant obtains a pre-approval response to his credit application, being able to later rectify the requested amount, or the conditions of the contract, before signing the loan contract.

Thus, this financial product is, without any doubt, one of the best options in terms of fast loans.

When is it advisable to apply for a fast loan online?

Quick loans, as the name implies, differ from conventional loans granted by traditional banks because of their rapidity in granting.

The loan system offered by traditional banks is not designed to cover the need for urgent money since the application and approval procedure is not immediate at all.

That is why, to any unforeseen event that involves a monetary outlay and that must be covered instantly, traditional banking is not the best option to turn to.

Fast online loans have been designed to cover daily consumption and are granted as online credits on the spot.

A fast online loan is the most effective and profitable alternative to solve urgent money needs when the amount of money needed is not very high.

Fast online loans are designed for specific moments of need for money, not as a financing option to be used regularly.

On the contrary, if what you want is to have immediate financing every time you need it, with higher amounts, the best solution would be to hire a line of credit.

What is evaluated for the approval of a fast credit online?

What is evaluated for the approval of a fast credit online?

Although online lenders do not normally require high demands when it comes to granting a quick loan, they may need to assess your personal and financial situation to prove that you are solvent, that is, that you will be able to repay your loan when the day of the return arrives.

We show you the points that are evaluated by the lender so that your fast online loan is approved:

  • Your credit history

That is, analysis and evaluation of your credit history and a record of defaults, although the degree of detail will depend on the amount of money you have requested.

  • Your solvency

The entity will also assess your ability to pay the loan installments you have requested.

These two aspects can be evaluated by the automatic verification system instantly, through access to your online banking.

However, if you decide to make the manual request, it will not be possible to access that information, so one of the requirements that can be requested is that you justify your income, either with payroll or with proof of regular income such as, the unemployment benefit.

Depending on the company, the loan will be approved without the need to present any type of document or will have a greater number of requirements.

Generally, the request for fast loans does not entail the contribution of payroll or a guarantee, this case being reserved only for a type of application where the amount of money is very high.

The profitability of fast online loans

When applying for your fast loan online, you must take into account numerous factors that determine how much it will cost you to request that specific loan.

If you do not pay attention to the conditions or request the first fast loan you find, without comparing the offers of the market before, applying for a loan can be an extremely expensive experience.

Remember that the financial institution will calculate the total price of your loan depending on the amount you have requested, the repayment term and the associated commissions.

Interest is the main element to consider. However, there are many people who do not know how to calculate a loan through their interest rate.

With reference to fast online loans, the maximum amount that can be requested is less than that of traditional loans and interest is usually more demanding, depending on the requirements.

Therefore, it is essential to read the conditions of your loan carefully. Do not accept urgent loans without fully understanding the contract.

Having a higher interest than other financial products on the market, a fast online loan will be profitable as long as you use it for the right purpose: fast and indispensable financing.

That is, it will not make sense to ask for this type of loan if you can wait a week to dispose of your loan money since for this reason there are loans with lower interest.

On the other hand, we recommend that you compare all financing options before deciding on a specific one that could be less profitable.

For example, if you want to fund installment purchases and have a good credit history, a credit card could be a better option.

Examples of fast and secure online loans

Here are some examples of fast and secure online loans from our updated list.

Quantity Duration
500 – $ 4,000 13 – 42 months
750 – 5,000 $ 6 – 36 months
100 – 1,000 $ 1 – 365 days
$ 50 – $ 1,000 7 – 60 days
1 – 900 $ 1 – 39 days
1,000 – $ 50,000 24 – 72 months
1,000 – 5,000 $ 3 – 24 months
100 – $ 40,000 2 – 60 months

What should I look for when hiring my instant and reliable online loans?

Before applying for instant online loans, it is very important to read carefully the terms and conditions associated with the loan in order to know all the expenses that can be applied and so you are sure that the company is reliable.

The main points you should look at when you are going to take out a loan are:

  1. The interest rate (TIN) and the equivalent annual rate (APR)
  2. Commissions, such as opening and study commissions
  3. The terms and conditions of payment and non-payment

Whenever you have any type of questions, you can contact the lender to get help from a professional team.

Remember that because a loan has a lower interest does not imply that you will pay less. We must take into account the repayment terms of the money since they will also influence the total amount of repayment is greater than in another loan with a higher interest.

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